Sofieke Suidman

Sofieke Suidman

Personal Growth | Team | Transformation

My name is Sofieke. I am empathetic, intuitive and authentic. I love working with people who are eager to challenge and develop themselves from the core of their talents and values. ‘Reading between the lines’ is what I am good at. On top of that, I am famous for getting to the point quickly.

I started working as a life- and career coach after moving to Berlin from the Netherlands. Letting people review themselves is what I do best – together we work on their sunny and shady sides. Working with people – in a private or business environment – on overcoming internal and external pressuring norms is what suits me best.

Although I hold degrees in both Medicine and Psychology and am a certified coach, I have learned most about human motivation, behaviour and different personalities from the joy, fulfilment and struggles of raising my four children.

I get energized from meeting new people, working in my garden and practicing yoga. I like singing, too, but mainly in karaoke bars while hanging out with my friends.