We ignite passion and courage to create meaningful work

We’re transformation specialists who believe it’s the people who create great companies, great cultures, and great results.

We work hand in hand with front-runners – or ‘Chiefs’ – to empower and support ambitious change using our first-hand experience from working in global organizations. We invest time to understand your needs, design a customized journey, make you fall in love with your potential, and create experiences that connect minds and hearts.

If you need a sidekick to help you drive your transformation or need a coach to support you or your team, please get in touch.

What we do


Shoot for the moon

Explore, define and stress test your purpose

Create a long term vision that connects with your passion

Set up for execution with tangible actions that make you sweat and smile


Fired up, ready to grow.

Challenge and develop your leadership

Build a high performing team

Deepen and speed up your personal development with a coach


See the change you want to be in the world

Codify your values and let culture eat your strategy for breakfast

Get ready for fearless transformation in the digital era

Scale your organization to its full potential

Who we are

Who we work with

Our Stories

What we learned about facilitating workshops online

At ForChiefs, our work consists of the facilitation of workshop journeys in the areas of purpose, vision & strategy, culture, and leadership as well as the coaching of leaders and leadership teams. Sometimes one-to-one, other times with groups ranging from a handful up to 600 people, our goal is to create rich, engaging,

The Lencioni Method

ForChiefs is fond of the pyramid from Patrick Lencioni, which demonstrates the components of a strong team. Read with us from the top down and see which of these traits you or your team identifies with.


Strong teams

  • set themselves challenging goals (KPIs) to achieve great results
  • ask the members if they are
Lencioni method

The best of our ForChiefs Days

In my last post about the story of ForChiefs, I shared how we started and the ways we work, at the centre which are our ForChiefs Days. These are regular days where we all get together to connect, strengthen and further build the network. We use different methods and tools for this,

The ForChiefs team

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