Hugo Suidman

Hugo Suidman

Leadership | Culture | Transformation

My name is Hugo. I inspire people, teams and organizations with growing pains. I am an off-the-chart ENFP, a challenger and an activator. I always explore routes to the full potential of my clients. Together with the organizations I work with, I build a future-proof culture, where brave transformations can be achieved.

For 15 years I have led big teams in various corporations and startups that were in the process of transformation. I have learned to lead within environments with challenging targets, disruptive market conditions and tough company cultures.

I don’t just work for organizations. I work for people. I build long-term relationships and follow my clients on their path of transformation. My approach is an intense cocktail of learning, experiencing, debating, speeding up, and laughing.

In 2012 I pursued my long lasting dream of moving to Berlin with my wife and 4 children. I like getting up early in the morning to get a fresh morning run at Volkspark Friedrichshain. I very much enjoy riding my bike around Berlin to explore new places, while visiting clients.

The Lencioni Method

ForChiefs is fond of the pyramid from Patrick Lencioni, which demonstrates the components of a strong team. Read with us from the top down and see which of these traits you or your team identifies with.


Strong teams

  • set themselves challenging goals (KPIs) to achieve great results
  • ask the members if they are
Lencioni method

Growing Pains

If you have the ambition to grow personally or in business, you’ll experience growing pains. But the secret to success is learning to embrace them, rather than seeing them as an insurmountable hurdle.

Every person and business that takes themselves seriously talks about growth. This is not just growth in terms

ForChiefs transformation specialists

Find a purpose and live 7 years longer

“4 years, 3 months, 18 days and 3 hours until I get my pension”. This was said to me by a professor I met last week. He explained that the world of academics is less purposeful than expected,

Purpose, the secret sauce for success

Sometimes, whilst we’re waiting at the reception of a company, we see posters showing perfect people in perfect situations with the catchy ambition of the company – to do good for people and the planet – in bold

No profit, no purpose

Whenever I travel by airplane and receive the mandatory safety instructions I’m always struck by the request – in case cabin pressure might drop, put on my own oxygen mask first before putting it on to my children.

Purpose is the most durable source to tap from

Most companies we work with have a goal, vision, mission and/or strategy in some form. Lots of times it is in the heads of the C-level, sometimes in powerpoint, sometimes on the intranet. It’s rarely in the hearts

Purpose is beyond the ‘why, how and what’

Remember ‘The golden circle’ by Simon Sinek? He claims that people don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. I deeply agree with him and embrace the success that he has built since his first talk

Purpose feeds vision and culture for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Know the sentence ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ from Peter Drucker?

In our experience of working with lots of different companies, we’ve seen that purpose is an accelerator for culture and vision. A vision should be defined as

Purpose should be explored, not defined

I remember speaking to one of the founders of Einhorn, Waldemar, a few months prior to the company’s launch. He told me that he had discovered an inherent gap between entrepreneurship and purpose. Entrepreneurs first harvest their entrepreneurship,