Frank Ardesch

Frank Ardesch

Leadership | Strategy | Transformation

My name is Frank. I strongly believe in organizations where people feel free to stand up and speak out. My purpose is ‘being Frank’. In dutch this means ‘vrijmoedig zijn’: being authentic and feeling courageous. My MBTI profile is ESFJ: I love to spark creative strategic thinking including the process of making strategies and results tangible. This combined with a highly energetic & can do mentality is for me ‘being Frank’.

For 18 years I have led big teams in various roles: marketing, sales, innovation & strategy. The last 10 years working at C(hief)-level I came to the conclusion that building teams, working with (continuously) changing business models and challenging targets in a complex environment made me thrive. I love it when a group of people feel the power to change the status quo and achieve extraordinary results.

As a leader I learned that making things simple, connecting the dots, taking care of the team and creating appealing stories make companies & people grow. Besides that I am truly convinced that the leaders of the future know the depths of their own soul. For this reason I became a Transformational Breathing Coach.

Currently I live in Utrecht with Maaike, and our son Maas and daughter Cato. We love to go out and enjoy nature during the weekends with our camper van. Also a symbol of ‘being Frank’ : freedom, slowing down and spending time with each other.