Felix Steinkamp

Felix Steinkamp

Purpose | Culture | Team

I’m Felix. I care deeply for people. Igniting teams and empowering them to truly bring their individuality and strengths to the table is what drives me. There should be no true difference between the person you are at work and in life. I sense patterns and dynamics in teams easily and it brings me joy and energy to co-create with challenging but passionate teams.

I started my career in a big corporation as a Management Assistant for Digital and Print Media with a background in psychology. What I realized in the last few years working closely with leaders and teams ist that purpose is not a “nice to have” anymore. It’s a strong need and if it can be pursued at work wonderful things start to happen.

Born in Bremerhaven in the north of Germany I came to Berlin 2012 by accident but stayed by choice. Some months of the year you can find me at my second home Chiang Mai, Thailand. There a group of close friends and I are involved in doing business with the local hill tribes, building clay ovens and growing our food. If not at a client there is a good chance to find me and my dog in one of the wonderful parks in Berlin.

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