We ignite passion and courage to create meaningful work

We’re transformation specialists who believe it’s the people who create great companies, great cultures, and great results.

We work hand in hand with front-runners – or ‘Chiefs’ – to empower and support ambitious change using our first-hand experience from working in global organizations. We invest time to understand their needs, design a customized journey, make them fall in love with their potential, and create experiences that connect minds and hearts.

If you need a sidekick to help you drive your transformation or need a coach to support your team, please reach out to us.

What we do


Shoot for the moon

Explore, define and stress test your purpose

Create a long term vision that connects with your passion

Set up for execution with tangible actions that make you sweat and smile


Fired up, ready to grow.

Challenge and develop your leadership

Build a high performing team

Deepen and speed up your personal development with a coach


See the change you want to be in the world

Codify your values and let culture eat your strategy for breakfast

Get ready for fearless transformation in the digital era

Scale your organization to its full potential

Who we are

Who we work with

Our Stories

Growing Pains

If you have the ambition to grow personally or in business, you’ll experience growing pains. But the secret to success is learning to embrace them, rather than seeing them as an insurmountable hurdle.

Every person and business that takes themselves seriously talks about growth. This is not just growth in terms

ForChiefs transformation specialists

Meet the Chief: Claudia Lambrichs-Lindenbergh

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Claudia, I’m 35 and moved from Amsterdam to Berlin in 2015, where my family and I have felt at home since day one.

I’m an enthusiast by nature

From a mosquito in a nightclub, to unf*cking the economy, and 125 personal purposes

Imagine a well-known industrial Berlin nightclub, on a rainy day, turned into an inviting location for 150 purpose explorers. It was perfectly imperfect, an authentic place to meet like-minded people. The event? ForChiefs’ first Purpose Day in Berlin. 

A few months previously, we got together to create a purpose event in

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