Vera Termühlen-Enger

Vera Termühlen-Enger

Transformation | Culture | Leadership

My name is Vera. I embrace challenges and partner with leaders who are seeking for change, growth and inspiration. I activate creative thinking and brave decision making to identify real transformational and tangible solutions.

For 13 years I have led big and small teams in various industries and different sizes through transformation and change. The last 7 years working at Management Level in Technology Companies my passion for future-oriented and visionary thinking and approaches showed up. I learned that teams with a strong mindset can make it anywhere, no matter what market conditions and growing or shrinking pains they are facing.

As a leader I learned to combine people and business needs. Therefore invested in becoming a certified coach, Hogan Assessment trainer and organisation designer. I worked a lot with consultants, trainers and coaches and I always missed the partnership on a long term basis. Therefore, I decided to make a difference and be a partner over time. I truly believe that this is the most meaningful way of side kicking leaders.

I love to travel all around the world, explore different cultures and nature. In 2017 my husband and I fulfilled one of our dreams: travelling to New Zealand with our little son. It was a big adventure and one in a lifetime experience. When we are not on the road, we are at our place in Berlin Köpenick and enjoy swimming in the Dahme, chilling on the terrace with friends or having a walk through the woods close by.