Susanne Schimmer

Susanne Schimmer

Culture | Innovation | Org Development

My name is Susanne. I support organizational transformations with focus on innovation, culture and behavioural change. People describe me as positively challenging to work on elements that will really make impact. I keep people, teams and organizations focused. I look for human- and system dynamics, since that’s where the real challenges and enablers are often to be found. I don’t believe in cookie cutter standard solutions, but like using innovative and pragmatic interventions, with an Entrepreneurial spirit. To work on tailored solutions that create sustainable impact.

I truly love Organizational Development. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, and roles as head of OD for a number of multinationals.

Being a ‘Flachländer’ from the Netherlands, I love skiing, mountain biking and water sports. That’s why I live in Munich. But I work around the globe, enjoying the richness and diversities of different cultures.

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