Natascha Brucker

Natascha Brucker

Personal Growth | Purpose | Culture

Hi, I’m Natascha.

I have a natural ability to see the beauty and the great potential of each person I am with and it is a joy for me to bring that potential to life. As a 1-1 Transformational Coach and Group Facilitator I help employees to uncover their unique greatness by unveiling their purpose and their strengths. In addition, I support teams and leaders to establish a culture that fosters that greatness to flourish.

I create safe spaces in which people open up quickly and enable teams to create those environments, too. In these spaces people feel connected, appreciated and seen. It truly fulfils me when I can sense that this connection leads to a genuine desire to support each other to live their own greatness and to achieve outstanding contributions together. To be able to fully do so, I also help people to identify dysfunctional patterns that impact how they lead or perform. When teams start to collectively embrace that everyone has their own dysfunctional patterns, they start to help each other to grow without judgement.

My approach is warm, non-judgemental, direct and with lots of humour, which makes it easy for people to speak about topics that were previously perceived as uncomfortable. I hold a qualification as a Trainer for Potential Development as well as a Systemic Coach, have a Master in Marketing (M.Sc.) and studied Design Thinking at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute.

It is my vision to see a whole society coming truly alive again. Therefore, I also follow my own curiosity and things that make me excited at and outside of work as often as I can. This can end in unplanned road trips, writing poetry and coming up with a lot of different project ideas, in which I try to engage as many people as possible around me.

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