Matthias Ennen

Matthias Ennen

Leadership | Culture | Transformation

My name is Matthias. While working with others, I am honest and direct. My Northern German origin must explain my ability to combine humor with engagement. When people are willing to perform, I am at my best. I work hard to make sure nobody fails. By challenging people and showing them my personal fears and vulnerabilities, I create a frame that allows people to feel safe. This way we can reach and create a satisfying result together.

My career as a management consultant and trainer started in 2006; mainly in the financial sector and other small-and medium sized businesses. Due to my curiosity in creating movement and engagement within people and teams, I soon specialized in people management with a focus on leadership development and organizational transformation.

I have been living in Berlin since 1995. I have witnessed the transformation of Berlin and am inspired by the resilience of the city. I love visiting open-air summer festivals, catching waves with my surfboard and spending time with my family in our datscha. I am passionate for gardening and own a chainsaw license.

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