Marc Strigel

Marc Strigel

Leadership | Strategy | Scaling

My name is Marc. I am fascinated by companies where people believe they can do the best work of their life. When companies embark on the journey from start-up to scale-up or more established companies undergo a significant strategic transformation great leadership shows its best. At this point I love to be with the founders, the senior leadership team and all those change-makers in the company.

My approach is about empowering people across the organization by translating an ambitious strategic vision into clear execution roadmaps and by driving accountability for shared goals. For more than 20 years I have been myself in operational roles as C-Level executive at companies undergoing rapid scaling or transformation and I have directly led organizations and teams with up to a few hundred people. Thus, I know how it feels to be in the heat but have as well experienced myself how helpful it is to have a sidekick as mentor or coach.

Typically, creative and ambitious founders or executives find in me a complement and partner to turn their compelling vision into reality by activating their teams with clarity of direction.

Raising our 3 kids in the bustling city of Berlin poses a very different leadership challenge for me and my wife. We have recently returned from a couple of years living in Africa. One day, I want to sail the oceans across the globe. But for now, I have found a slightly different way of venturing into unknown seas: I have picked up a passion for blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralization.

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