Elsabeth van Overbeeke

Elsabeth van Overbeeke

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My name is Elsabeth. I believe in inspiring, connecting and helping others by helping them find and create their own way of working. Working jointly, we overcome personal, organizational and societal barriers. I don’t believe in blueprints. I explore new methods and discover innovative ways of working that fit each team. I truly enjoy it when group dynamics improve from awaiting and mistrusting, to joyfully connecting and sharing. It’s my personal purpose to intensify the way people are connected.

After studying business administration, change management and business psychology, I started my career in 2007 as a management consultant. I worked in the financial sector in London and Amsterdam and eventually moved to Berlin in 2016.

To me, Berlin is the true capital of Europe. Its transformation and authenticity inspire me daily. I am fascinated by exploring the city and it’s surroundings, and connecting with diverse people.

We’ve co-launched the Shift Collective!

To further live our purpose of ‘igniting meaningful work’, we’ve joined forces with nine other innovative transformation companies in Germany and launched the Shift Collective on the 26th of October! We’re really excited about this initiative and look forward to creating more impact alongside our friends.

The Corona crisis

The best of our ForChiefs Days

In my last post about the story of ForChiefs, I shared how we started and the ways we work, at the centre which are our ForChiefs Days. These are regular days where we all get together to connect, strengthen and further build the network. We use different methods and tools for this,

The ForChiefs team

The Story of ForChiefs

At ForChiefs we are all united in our purpose to ignite meaningful work. This is the story about how we got here. All of us are experienced in having led and having been led in intense organizational cultures. We found each other in 2017 at a time of personal and professional transformation. We