Claudia Lambrichs-Lindenbergh

Claudia Lambrichs-Lindenbergh

Leadership | Culture | Scaling

My name is Claudia. I have a strong intrinsic drive to be a sidekick to leaders and leadership teams to become the best version of themselves. I believe we’re not born to be average. We spend so much time working and it should be meaningful. I help leaders grow a company that people are proud to work for, especially in times of hyper growth or digital transformation.

I’ve been a leader a few times myself and now have the honor of working with some amazing leadership teams and individual leaders from large global corporates and sparky scale-ups across Europe. What everyone has in common is a true desire to become a better leader or a more coherent leadership team. I’ve learned that better companies can be built by building better people.

I am an enthusiast by nature, have a strong sense of intuition, believe in the power of the mind, and that your energy introduces you before you even speak. 

Being a Leadership Coach, former professional swimmer, and a Reiki Coach, has taught me some great fundamentals which I love to apply in my work. 

I help leaders focus on the person they want to be(come), the company they want to build, and enjoy that ride! 

I moved from Amsterdam to Berlin in 2015 and my family and I have felt at home in this city since day 1.