Akke Visschers

Akke Visschers

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My name is Akke. I was born in the Netherlands and live in Berlin with my family. I love connecting with people. Since a young age I have been attracted to form and visuality, crafts were always there.

Athletics played a big role in my teenage life when I joined the youth team and became a national hurdle and relay champion. After graduating with a B.A. Human Resources Management and Services, I have worked short-time as a career counselor.

As my creativity truly called me I went to the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Right after graduation I launched my first accessory collection in Amsterdam before moving to Berlin. My designs have been awarded with the Bunte New Faces Award. Besides my work as a designer I started working as an agency consultant.

Arts, traveling and other cultures are my passions and I worked and lived in Bali for several years. I am the mother of a daughter called Avra. Yoga is my daily work-in and I love being in nature. I like the dynamics and positive energy in the work with Hugo. Besides my work as personal assistant I work on several artistic projects.