Meet the ForChiefer: Louisa Plasberg

Coaching, Leadership, Purpose

Meet the ForChiefer: Louisa Plasberg

Please introduce yourself.

I’m Louisa – politics nerd, book lover, Rheinländerin, former horse rider, New York City enthusiast, friend, daughter, partner, podcast host, communications expert, ghostwriter…and facilitator at ForChiefs.

Why did you join ForChiefs?

Because I strongly believe that companies have an important role to play in solving societal challenges and that ForChiefs by being a sidekick, who stretches and supports companies in this ambition, can have a real impact. 

How would your colleagues characterise you? 

Structured, idealistic, pragmatic.

Which clients or cases make you become really curious/excited?

When clients are truly driven to understand and improve how their product or service can change the world for the better – because it can make lives easier, more sustainable, or more inclusive. 

What do you think is highly overrated in the business world?

Long hours. We often mistake long hours for hard work.

What is underestimated?

The gender equality gap of my generation. Too often there is the notion that with board quotas or targeted female career programs, gender equality will be reached. While workplaces may have become more equal; many private relationships have not: Statistically women do 1,5 hours more care work than their male partners every single day.  

What makes a truly good leader?

Egolessness and a servant leadership style. “Egolessness” means putting the company vision before individual advancement. “Servant leadership” means identifying what a team member needs and communicating in a way she/he understands and feels understood. 

What’s your ultimate ForChief-superpower?

Pragmatic idealism. I like to challenge leaders on their (societal) impact-drivenness while supporting them on how to pragmatically put purpose at the core of what they do. 

Is there one special phrase or word that you often use during your coachings/facilitations?

“Empathy is measured at the listener’s ear, not at the speaker’s mouth.” It’s a phrase borrowed and slightly adapted from “Radical Candor”. I find it useful to make leaders aware of the importance of clear and thoughtful communication and that it matters more what is heard than what is said. 

With which question on my mind should I definitely contact you for advice?

Where to get the best ice cream in Berlin.
(Spoiler: Vanille & Marille, Jones Ice Cream and Hokey Pokey are the top 3 😜)

How can people get in touch with you?

Drop me a line on LinkedIn.

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